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Manufacturing And Logistics Software Services

Webunitech Solutions also specializes in offering custom-built services to leading logistics businesses across the world. Our areas-in-focus include: optimized resource management, developing CRM & trucking applications, vendor-managed inventory models, customized fleet management, database & data warehousing, quality assurance and testing, integration with ERP & financial systems, documented management systems, 3rd party logistics, shipping logistics, and logistics management for air, sea and land and many more.

Our Manufacturing Process Management solutions facilitate product manufacturing while leveraging computer aided process planning and manufacturing data management. These solutions help in enhanced productivity through automation and process standardization through knowledge captureand reuse.

In planning not only what the company will manufacture, but how, these tools help bring together the necessary physical facilities, the best layout of equipment, supplies and staff, scheduling it all to makethe most efficient use of resources. These systems eliminate waste, limit excess inventory, and continually look for ways to improve the quality of production. Patterns can emerge that might not otherwise be evident, helping the company respond more quickly to changing market conditions.


  1. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  2. Tracking and Traceability
  3. Manufacturing Intelligence
  4. Error Proofing
  5. Schedule Execution
  6. Real-Time Shop Floor Interfaces

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Our Manufacturing And Logistics Features

Manufacturing Software stands in a unique position in Industry because this product comes with a variety of features

Lot/Serial Control Module

Manufacturing generates Lot and Serial Numbers for Completed Parts. In this way finished goods can be tracked and accounted for in future uses.

Work Order Module

The Work Order module provides many advanced features inherent throughout the manufacture software, such as a flexible user interface that has been developed to fit naturally into the manufacturing environment.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Manufacturing includes a powerful Bill of Materials processing module. The COSS BOM tracks the commitment and assembly of all raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished.


Providing you with a reporting system that takes you from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Your company need a supply chain management system then....

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