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Refund Policy

Our easy simple refunds policy

Refund Policy

Refunds are issued for hosting when a request to cancel a hosting package is submitted via our cancellation form within 30 days of account sign-up. Domain registrations, dedicated server fees, Email Hosting and SSL certificates are not refundable. Refunds requested for remaining months on cancelled prepaid packages must be submitted within 10 days of payment. Customers who desire a refund on a prepaid account will be re-billed at the regular price as opposed to the discount. Only the difference between the prepaid amount and the re-billed regular price will be refunded.

For free domain registration promotions (.com, .net and .org), the retail price of the domain ($12.95) will be deducted from the refund amount upon cancellation. You will retain ownership of the domain.

All requests for account cancellation must be submitted in writing. It will be necessary for the customer to provide the real reason for cancelling the account. At this time Webunitech customer care team will attempt to respond to the customers needs in a positive way in order to meet the requirements, and needs of the customer in order to correct any issues and satisfy the customer.

Please note that if you have more than one web hosting account with us and only cancel one of the them, the refunded amount can not be transferred to any other of your web hosting accounts that you have with Webunitech.

Refunds will be given for any type of payments (monthly, quarterly and annual). Let's consider Package Example, which has:

Monthly price - $25
Quarterly price - $69
Annual price - $250
Daily price
for monthly plan = monthly price / 30 days = $ 25 / 30 = $0,83
for quarterly plan = quarterly price / 90 days = $69 / 90 = $0,76
Yearly Hosting Refund
As for yearly refund, we shall follow the following procedure:
Refund = Yearly fee - (Monthly Fee * no. of months of service).
In Webunitech Hosting Shared Package you paid $250 for an yearly plan which costs $25 monthly. If you want a refund after 6 months:
Refund = $250 - ($25 * 6 ) = $250 - $150 = $100.
In this example plan, no refund will be given after 10 months of service because:
Refund = $250 - ($25 * 10 ) = $250 - $250 = $0.
Quarterly Hosting Refund
As for quarterly refund, we consider partial refund, based on proportional daily fees.
Refund = Quarterly Fee - (Daily Fee for quarterly plan * no. of days of service)
In Webunitech Hosting Instance Package you paid $69 for a quarterly plan which costs $0,76 daily. If you want a refund after 2 months (61 days):
Refund = $69 - ($0,76 * 61 days) = $23
Monthly Hosting Refund
Monthly refund is calculated in the same way as quarterly refund, i.e. based on proportional daily fees.
Refund = Monthly Fee - (Daily Fee for monthly plan * no. of days of service)
In Webunitech Hosting Instance Package you paid $25 for a monthly plan which costs $0,83 daily. If you want a refund after 2 weeks (14 days):
Refund = $25 - ($0,83 * 14 days) = $13

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