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E-Commerce Production Managing Application

PMA is great application to manage for E-Commerce Proudtion Department. PMA provide a greater fexibiltiy to user for work. PMA provide many type of reporting services and also give a help full reporting service to MIS Team. With the help of PMA you can track every SKU status with Complete History details. PMA Also manage your SKU RAW and Final Images. It’s also manage the Content part of E-Commerce. All write can write content on PMA and PMA upload Content on your Website.

PMA provides also to manage your warehouse and model database. More easy with PMA that you can easly add any module in PMA. PMA application easly implement and more user friendly.

University Result Management Process

URMP is a process where you can manage every thing online. URMP provides the User Management, Applying Online Practical and Sessional Marks, Online Exam attandence Status, Online Theory Marks (Depend), Online Cut list of Subject, Online Reval, Re process, Online Admission, Printing Process for Admin Card (Offline/Online), Date sheet Management (Offline), Sitting Plan Management (Offline), Gracing Process, Grading (Percentage) Process for Result, Printing DMC, Notification for University and College record. All type of reporting and easy can add custmoize module in this application.

Private Online Trading Portal
POTP is a very large scale online trading portal for any company. Any company just start his recieving online purchase order and give response to client that is purchase order accept or not. Client can check purchase order status and contact to admin online directly regarding to his order.

POTP make online process between seller and buyer. POTP is not publicly trading portal its a private portal run by any company to get order online from own clients via paper work. It’s make fast communication between seller and buyer and seller also upload client order chellen report.
Label Company Management
LCM is software to manage complete label company system. LCM provides the Computer and Cotton (Grip) both billing management system. LCM also provide the Other product for managing label company are following
  1. Computer Label Invoice Management
  2. Cotton (Grip) Label Invoice Management
  3. Courier Management
  4. Labour Management
  5. Daily Cash Expense Management
  6. VPP Management,
  7. Ledger Management all this software are make your company completely fully computerize.
Invoice & Billing Management
BM is software to manage complete invoice system of a company. BM provides the system to make invoice and party account.

BM provides following featuers:
  1. Invoice Entry
  2. Party Account Management
  3. Report Management
  4. Manage Invoice
Hospital Management
THM is web Application to manage complete Hosiptal system. HM provides the multi funtional system which provide to access the whole record and maintain every record of a hospital.

HM provides the following module :
  1. Admin Section
  2. Doctor Section
  3. Nurse Section
  4. Pataince Section
  5. Medicos Section
  6. Enquiry Section
Typing Tutor Management
TTM is software to provide typing system for student. It’s provide a way to making fast typing speed of any student. Typing tutor helps for Typing Center who’s wants to increase speed of own student.

Typing Tutor set for different govt. jobs typing practice modes.
  1. SSC Typing Test
  2. Delhi Police Typing Test
  3. CRFP Typing Test
  4. ITBT Typing Test.
  5. Normal Typing Test
Stock Management
SM provides a way to manage your stock with complete details. SM are two types first one is provide stock system of any company, shop and offices. Second SM is provide to store stock for job works company. MS is a very simple and user friendly software.
Weighting Management
WM provides a way to measure weight of any turck and any vichle. It’s easy install on any pc and connect with your weight transfer machine after that user can easly make entry and take print of receipt.
MLM Software
Our Teams provides a multi variety of MLM applications. We provide a full complete MLM management system with user plan. Our MLM Application easly to install and modify as per user plan requirement.
School Management
We are providing the best school management system. In which admin can maintain the student record with following featuers like student registration, teacher manament , time table, student class. etc. We are providing a different and unique protal with this school management. in which every parent can check student record like health, result, leave and other comments.
Libaray Management
LM is a best software to manage any library of a college, school and univeristy. LM is very simple and User friendly in which user can manage any books record and issue book record. With the help of LM make report with different search options. It’s make your library fully computerized and user can track every books record with this software.
Payroll Management
Webunitech Payroll Software module is designed to handle all aspects of payroll processing for businesses across industries. You can easily meet regulatory requirements with our payroll software’s automated support for complex statutory taxation legislations for various countries including India. Our Payroll Software integrates seamlessly with EmpXtrack HRMS and Employee Self Services modules to offer a comprehensive solution that considers leaves, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, hourly wages, contractor payments etc.

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